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Cabernet Sauvignon €9.00       Box of 6 : €54.00
This ruby red wine is medium-bodied and full of fresh fruit flavors like cherry and even blackberry. It is an easy to drink wine which goes well with a wide variety of foods including lamb , steak & other grilled meats .
Les Deux Parcelles (Merlot & Cabarnet) €9.00            Box of 6 : €54.00 
This ruby wine shows Bordeaux-like character with blackberry, tobacco, earthy and leafy notes. It's spicy & peppery with a dense garnet colour. It is another easy to drink wine which goes well with a 'social foods' like pizza , burgers , steak etc.
Les Sept de Vigne (Viognier) €10.00            Box of 6 : €60.00
Lovely on the nose with a bright freshness . This award winning wine has lightly tropical aromas of kiwi, peach and apricot . A vague sweetness adds some roundness here, offering up a fine blend of richness and clarity. The flavours are fresh and bright on the palate and the finish is dry and firm, tense even, with good length and fine cut.
Les Trois Ors (Grenache , Cinsault & Syrah)  €10.00            Box of 6 : €60.00 
The typically Rhône Region grapes of Syrah and Grenache, have very different personalities but with the addition of one of the main blending grapes grown in the Languedoc - Cinsault they all marry beautifully together to produce this wonderful award winning rosé wine . Once considered a Summer wine Rosé is now a fashionable year-round wine to be enjoyed at any time .  This is a wine which goes perfectly with rice and pasta dishes . It is also a great partner to spicy foods , fish dishes , grills & Chinese cuisine.
*Wine must be ordered by the box . No loose bottles
*Wine is available to club members only
Le Dix Vin (Syrah & Grenache) €10.00            Box of 6 : €60.00 
This Côtes du Rhône style wine combines the classic mix of Syrah & Grenache grapes . Syrah adds darker fruit flavours of blueberry, plum and even black olive to the blend. It provides up-front flavour and boldness but not a lot of aftertaste. Grenache adds candied fruit, raspberry, cinnamon spice and Ruby Red grapefruit flavors and it gives a lovely long tingly finish . This versatile wine goes well with many foods including stews , curries , roast beef and it is a surprisingly great match for the Christmas turkey .
BAG-IN-BOX RED & WHITE WINE ( 5 ) litres
5 Litre Box ( Red /White )  €35.00            
The ideal wine for dinner parties / get togethers or just the perfect solution for when unexpected visitors arrive unannounced. No trips to the bottle bank required with this wine .
There are a limited number of these 5 litre boxes available so please telephone Martin at 087-2228698 to get the latest information on stock or to place an order . *Additional stocks due shortly
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All wines listed above are currently in stock . With our simple 'traffic light' stock system you can easily see what availability is like for each wine . Any wines with limited quantities will probably go pretty quickly so please get your order in ASAP if you require any of these . 

In future it should hopefully be possible to order your wine in advance so that you can get exactly what you require but in order to ensure availability immediately the current stocks were pre-ordered
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RED Cabernet Sauvignon €9.00 - Box of 6 : €54.00
RED Le Dix Vins (Syrah & Grenache)        €10.00 - Box of 6 : €60.00
WHITE Les Sept de Vigne  €10.00 - Box of 6 : €60.00
RED Les Deux Parcelles (Merlot/Cabarnet)  €9.00 - Box of 6 : €54.00
€25 per bottle
Tel Martin @ 087-2228698 to order
You must be a member of the Galway Bay Wine Club to purchase wine .  Wine is not available to non-members . Just pay your 2016 membership ( €20 ) when you collect your next / first wine order . You pay for your wine when you receive it so there will never be a requirement to pay in advance in the hope that your wine will eventually arrive . Spread the word among your colleagues , friends & family . Everyone is welcome in this club
Pink Champagne  €25.00 
ROSÉ Les Trois Ors  €10.00 - Box of 6 : €60.00
Celebrate family events / parties with something pink and bubbly yourself. 
Last years stock sold out quickly so to avoid disappointment please order early.
Pink Champagne was made famous in the movie 'An Affair to Remember', when both of the lead romantic actors 
( Deborah Kerr & Cary Grant ) fall in love with each other and share their love of the pink bubbly.